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  • All fixtures will be played at 4.45pm, please arrive 30 minutes before play commences

  • For full Oldham and District League fixtures and results click here

  • Team Fixtures 2016


    w/c 2 May 2016Brookdale V StamfordAWAYRESULT
    w/c 9 May 2016Stamford V WernethHOMERESULT
    w/c 16 May 2016Fairfield V StamfordAWAYRESULT
    w/c 23 May 2016Knockout Cup R1 Stamford V North M/cDENTONRESULT
    w/c 30 May 2016Dukinfield V StamfordAWAYRESULT
    w/c 6 June 2016Stamford V OldhamHOMERESULT
    w/c 13 June 2016Stamford V BrookdaleHOMERESULT
    w/c 20 June 2016Knockout Cup R2RESULT
    w/c 27 June 2016Werneth V StamfordAWAYRESULT
    w/c 4 July 2016Stamford V FairfieldHOMERESULT
    w/c 11 July 2016Cup Semi FinalsRESULT
    w/c 18 July 2016Stamford V DukinfieldHOMERESULT
    w/c 25 July 2016Oldham V StamfordAWAYRESULT
    w/c 15 August 2016Win East v R/up West Win West v R/up EastRESULT

    w/c 2 May 2016Stamford V BrookdaleHOMERESULT
    w/c 9 May 2016Werneth V StamfordAWAYRESULT
    w/c 16 May 2016Stamford V FairfieldHOMERESULT
    w/c 23 May 2016knockout Cup R1 Stamford V ByeWIN
    w/c 30 May 2016Stamford V DukinfieldHOMERESULT
    w/c 6 June 2016Oldham V StamfordAWAYRESULT
    w/c 13 June 2016Brookdale V StamfordAWAYRESULT
    w/c 20 June 2016Knockout Cup Round 2 RESULT
    w/c 27 June 2016Stamford V WernethHOMERESULT
    w/c 4 July 2016Fairfield V StamfordAWAYRESULT
    w/c 11 July 2016Cup Semi FinalsRESULT
    w/c 18 July 2016Dukinfield V StamfordAWAYRESULT
    w/c 25 July 2016Stamford V OldhamHOMERESULT
    w/c 15 August 2016Win East V R/up West/Win West V R/up EastRESULT
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